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Falling leaves, falling prices... Someday s new outlet dresses

Autumn is just around the corner and with it the smooth transition from the current summer collection to the upcoming autumn collection. As usual, Someday has plenty of chic basics, daily all-rounders, colourful season starters and bold creations in store. While in the wardrobe and within your own four walls in general, more warmth and cosiness can be provided (e.g. in the form of fluffy socks & co.), outside, as usual, things are a bit more extravagant. Let yourself be inspired by our new collection and grab one or two unique pieces from our sale area. What we love about autumn are not only the colourful leaves, but also the attractive falling prices!
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Autumn Season Starters from Someday in the Outlet

It's time to store the airy summer pieces airtightly packed in the cellar or attic and make plenty of space in the wardrobe, because the new Outlet autumn collection is here! We are launching the new season with high quality fabrics and cuts, with a focus on collars, long sleeves and warming textiles. Whether short-sleeved sweaters with a sporty touch, shimmering cotton dresses with long sleeves, blazers in urban or classic style or old-school frockers - all this and more gives us a gentle start into the changeable transition period and at the same time a lot of input for the eye. Get the ideas and inspiration you need in our current blog.

Casual Confident & no compromises - that is what makes us special

At Someday, we design fashion creations especially for self-confident women who always keep their natural coolness in the hectic of everyday life and give the keyword "relaxation" enough room to manoeuvre, regardless of the situation and life situation. Sovereignty and composure are after all the be-all and end-all of every discerning trendsetter and, as is well known, these are not only set on the outside, but first and foremost on the inside. We underline the unique uncompromising nature of the relationship between true inner beauty and fashionable self-interpretation on the outside by giving you a straight-forward balance. Our self-proclaimed main criteria here are: high-quality materials, durability, comfort, timelessness and harmony. Every product you buy can be combined with all other looks of the respective existing or future collections without any hesitation. This means that your wardrobe is always up to date and flexible. As a proud wearer, you can upgrade your favourite pieces 12 times a year, whenever the new Someday collection arrives. Be self-confident, be clear, stay relaxed, every day anew with Someday!
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Underline your lifestyle with the new women's collection by Someday

... ...and shine with the golden autumn sun! Beside the usual best- and top sellers like our stand-up collar blouse with dynamic twist or seasonal unique collections with lots of new favourite pieces have arrived for you. A lot of American feeling awaits you, for example, with Urban Rush NYC, the line consisting of chic basics, leather looks and relaxed looks with loose fits. Little Tren, on the other hand, offers shilouette-flattering garments and generous use of wool and open, dynamic surfaces and edges. If you want a liaison of unmistakable coolness and pure elegance, Mineral Green is the perfect choice. Here comfort and style clearly meet, but in a form that has probably never been seen before. Additional pieces and more details and information about the collections mentioned can be found in the Someday online shop and also in the outlet when browsing extensively.

Someday... a success story with open/ happy end

Take the right timing, a handful of enthusiasm, a generous pinch of motivation and the ability to work in a team - voilà, there you have the recipe for a mission that in principle can be nothing but successful. In our fast-moving (fashion) world it is crucial to be in the right place at the right time, and that's us. And not only that: without the necessary energy you won't get far in the diverse fashion business, so the appropriate allocation of forces and resources is essential to keep the engine running continuously. Our teamwork is impressive, now throughout Europe. Fits, materials, styles, cuts - it's all about expressing creativity in a needs-oriented and stylish way, meeting all demands, surprising and seducing to try something new. And to execute your personal favourites with sovereignty and pride on the social parquet. Years of experience make it possible for us to always provide you with your ideal outfit in the future.

Boundlessly sustainable, boundlessly responsible not Someday, but today!

We maintain particularly transparent and cooperative relationships with our suppliers, which in turn creates the highest possible level of trust and a decisive basis on which our cooperation ultimately builds. Through our regular visits to the production sites and the precise examination of the manufacturing processes, we can guarantee that your garments can be worn with a clear conscience - even in the outlet or sale. On the one hand because our textiles are largely produced within Europe, and on the other hand because we deliberately avoid involving low-wage countries. So there is no room for child labour and exploitation in Someday's concept. We stand for sustainable success and total transparency.

Fabulous prices at Someday Outlet all year round

Fashion awareness is very much in vogue - as is a price-conscious lifestyle. If you like to set trends and prefer not to burden your wallet unnecessarily or go beyond your personal budget, then ideally you should not strike spontaneously, but purposefully. Namely in the form of seasonal sales, percentages, clearance sales, etc. You are currently looking for a suitable outfit, perhaps you would like to get newly dressed before your upcoming holidays? No matter if business or casual look, party, wedding or job interview - at Someday Outlet you will get your money's worth with your deep passion for sophisticated fashion! And all this without any of the dirty tricks that most outlets use to fool their customers: They increase the clothing prices many times over in advance, only to let them seemingly drop in the sale afterwards and obviously sell the products at a lower price. We at Someday prefer to swim against the tide in this case and generously meet our customers, because transparency is our top priority. Immerse yourself in the autumnal heap of leaves or clothes from Someday! The Outlet Sale is already waiting for you!

365 days outlet clearance sale and outlet goods at sale wonder

Minimum budget, maximum yield - bargain hunters beware! Everything is reduced. Everything must go. Super Sale Deluxe! Whether spring, summer, autumn, winter or transitional season: At Sale wunder you get great special offers all year round, which are tailored to you and you will probably be quite amazed by the fashionable selection in the sale area. Find, expand and combine your style! Sale wunder is your daily wow-effect, your unique aha- and yeah-experience, which even in the grey autumn provides a bright and sunny mood and gives you the best possible start into the day. Here one bargain chases the other and one hip trend chases the next. The best thing about it: We give you the ideal overview when you are looking for the right outfit and at the same time secure you great discount campaigns at the outlet sale on your desired Someday products - all year round. Think of Sale as your personal outlet, where you can find what you want almost around the clock. This makes Sale Shopping simply fun!