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Legendary men's fashion in the PME Legend Sale

The Dutch fashion label PME Legend has been one of the most popular brands in Europe for decades with its collections in the Aviator look. Although the fashion looks as if it is only worn on Route 66 in the United States, it is mostly produced in Europe and distributed worldwide. Unfortunately there is still no official outlet store for PME Legend fashion items in Germany. However, the current collections are available in well over 700 specialist clothing stores and can also be purchased online via the website saleswunder.com. However, there are a few PME Legend Outlet Stores in the neighbouring country of the Netherlands, which visitors to the Kingdom like to use for a shopping spree for cheap PME Legend fashion. However, if you don't want to plan a trip at short notice, the PME Legend Sale in the online shop remains a reasonable alternative, with the goods being delivered directly to your door. However, the fashion label with the austere charm might also be worth a trip to the nearest PME Legend Outlet Store in the neighbouring country, where the prices for the previous year's collection are real bargains.
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Tart men's fashion at the PME Legend Sale in the Online Shop

The look of PME Legend is already something unique in the fashion world, because hardly any other label knows how to implement the fashionable fantasies of seasoned men so skilfully and realistically. The Dutch designer label is particularly concerned with functionality and quality, because jeans and jackets should last as long as possible. Therefore most of the articles are produced in Europe to ensure the high quality of the products. Legendary like the cut or the hard-wearing material are also the names of the individual collections like Skymaster or Curtis. According to the PME Legend Outlet Store, the PME Legend Sale in the online shop of saleswonder.com is the best way to get a good price on a high quality jeans or leather jacket from PME Legend. The mostly washed-out looking jeans are popular because of their elaborate workmanship and offer plenty of storage space in the pockets. In the online shop PME Legend Sale you will always find particularly affordable fashion such as jeans or an Aviator jacket, which is offered at exceptionally high discounts.

Classic jeans from PME Legend in the outlet sale

Perhaps a trip to the Netherlands is an unusual idea for a PME Legend Outlet Store shopping tour, but such a trip can be even more worthwhile than a PME Legend Sale in the Online Shop. After all, a PME Legend Outlet Store offers a lot of classically cut jeans and a matching jacket for a very reasonable price, which may well justify a longer trip. The jeans are probably PME Legend's biggest seller and have been for decades. However, the high quality also plays a role here, because such a brand of jeans will be a loyal companion for many years and will always make a man look well dressed, including his leather jacket. In addition, the classic collections like Skyhawk or Commander embody a touch of nostalgia and adventure for the man. And because PME Legend feels so comfortable with jeans design, you can buy your jeans in the PME Legend Sale in sizes from slim fit to oversizes. After all, the Dutch designer is one of the few on the market who consciously offers his fashion in oversizes, which further underlines his popularity. If you want to buy one or more high quality PME Legend jeans at a reasonable price, it is certainly worth making a detour to your nearest PME Legend Outlet Store or taking a look at the PME Legend Sale in the online shop.
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Find casual jackets in the PME Legend Sale

The second mainstay for the nostalgic enthusiastic designer from the Netherlands is the classic cut Aviator Jacket. It is reminiscent of the jackets of the flying race from the Second World War or the Korean War. You can see the functionality of this jacket and know that it will always keep you warm even in stormy weather. At the same time it makes a high-quality, almost indestructible impression. The classics from PME Legend are also supposed to convince with their quality and durability, and even some traces of use make a pair of jeans from the Greyhound or Aviator collection at best even more authentic. However, you are welcome to take advantage of the special offers from the online PME Legend Sale or go straight to a PME Legend Outlet Store. There you can always find inexpensive individual items or take advantage of considerable discount offers, because it is the previous year's collection. But it's also worth the trip to the nearest PME Legend Outlet Store if you're not sure what size you need, or if you're looking for comfortably cut oversizes. The Dutch market is designed for rather large people, which is why many Germans like to buy their clothes in the neighbouring country.

Classic in a new light - the Skymaster collection

The current collection from PME Legend is called Skymaster and is a classic cut jeans, which is mainly offered in slightly darker colours than usual and has a casual cut. The Skymaster is one of those jeans that a man can wear all day without even thinking about it because it gives him so much freedom of movement. Although most of the new collection in the PME Legend Outlet Store is more about the new cut and the latest colours, these are of course kept within the classic framework or simply represent different degrees of washing-out. The latest collection is made for everyday use and is therefore a casual product for everyone, as it is highly functional. The many pockets offer enough storage space for more than just a bunch of keys and the wallet. Above all, the new denim looks great in combination with the Aviator leather jackets. Fortunately, the masculine look for all occasions is not only available in the usual sizes, but men and women whose physique is not quite up to standard can find suitable and comfortable casual clothing from the Dutch star designer in the lucrative PME Legend Sale.

Curtis is a trendy look from PME Legend

The Curtis is also an impressively functional pair of jeans, available in three different colours. It has a special cut which promises a high wearing comfort and some interesting details point to the propeller pilots in the golden times of aviation. The fabric for these jeans should be as durable as it is strong and the Skyhawk should look a little washed out to better match the look of the leather jackets or a plain sweater. The Curtis Jeans as well as the Greyhound are still relatively new on the market, which does not mean that there is no possibility to get a special price. The best thing to do here is to first take a look at a PME Legend Outlet to see if they already have items from the newer collections such as Skymaster or Curtis. This can result in interesting discounts in the PME Legend Sale.

Stylish look with PME Legend leather jackets

Many men want a decent leather jacket throughout their lives because it can become a companion for many years or decades . A leather jacket made from PME Legend Sale adapts to every situation and keeps a body at the right temperature even in adverse weather conditions. The flying jackets of bomber pilots as well as the flying race of the last century were well padded for several reasons, because these pilots had to expose themselves often enough to the elements such as cold and rain, which is why you get a high quality, because PME Legend also lives from the reputation that its clothing offers special protection against wetness or wind. Therefore the outfit is also well suited for bikers. These collections are not designed to please the younger generation, but are aimed at those men who may want to start a family or successfully build their own life or have already done so.

PME Legend for men or women?

If you watch the PME Legend commercial on television, you will see bearded model types between old airplanes that remind you a little of Indiana Jones. For decades, the designer from the neighbouring country has been creating fashion for those men who want a pithy outfit full of character. There is no separate collection for women. However, there is no reason why women should not also treat themselves to a leather jacket from PME Legend for their wardrobe. This brand is an alternative for sporty women. However, the jeans from PME Legend are completely tailored for male customers, which may change again, as the designer label has always been more open-minded towards customer wishes. If you are looking for a fashion label that offers brand name fashion in larger sizes for seasoned men, the PME Legend Outlet Store is the place to be. Otherwise, you are sure to find something at the PME Legend Sale with its exceptionally good discounts.

Buy classic men's fashion at saleswunder.com

A PME Legend Outlet Store certainly offers many advantages for its customers, but unfortunately there is none in Germany yet. If you are looking for one, you will have to travel to the Netherlands. It is much easier to get attractive discounts and generous price reductions on collections from the previous year in a PME Legend Sale at saleswunder.com. You can also find oversize fashion under the PME Legend label, which is something only few other designers offer. Saleswunder.com is an innovative site that aims to help its visitors find branded fashion at especially low prices or with high discounts. So you can shop comfortably in PME Legend Sale and save money at the same time.