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Camp David also available at the Outlet

The new Camp David collection, which is also available in the outlet, is presented in milder colours than you would otherwise know from the label. Grey, a lot of powdery blue and also beige tones can be found in the summer collection. There are shorts and polo shirts, but of course also jeans and long-sleeved tops and jackets, all of which match the subtle and reserved colour pattern of the new collection, which can also be found in the Outlet. The style that the clothing is provided with large prints as well as embroideries that draw attention to the Camp David label remains in the current collection as well as in the Camp David Outlet. In addition, the new style is also represented in the new collection. Here, the designers at the Camp David label no longer devote themselves exclusively to designing sporty and casual clothing, but there is another line with business wardrobe in the collection, which is aimed at Camp David fans who have to rely on an adequate and more classic wardrobe for their work. The new Camp David line is of course also found in the Outlet.
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Special features of the Camp David brand

The brand, which can also be found at Camp David Outlet, is characterised by its very sporty character. Equipped with large and unmistakable applications of the label name as well as numerous variations of embroidery, the label has a high recognition value. In addition, it is also the brand ambassador Dieter Bohlen, who ensures that the label is very well known, as he often wears the unmistakable clothing on his TV shows. The same applies to Camp David's female counterpart, the Soccx label, which relies on a similar style with large lettering and embroidery as well as the classic hoodies, which are available from both labels in ever new cuts as a typical piece of clothing. Camp David has decided - for the outlet as well, of course - to focus on clothing offers that are aimed at customers with a need for business clothing in parallel to the sporty line. Here it is rather classic and elegant that characterise the image and ensure that customers who feel very comfortable in Camp David's models, now also want to use the label professionally and with the appropriate prescribed dress code, and also like to shop here in the Outlet.

Camp David for men, Soccx for women

As far as the style of the wardrobe is concerned, the labels Camp David for men and Soccx for women do not differ significantly. Sporty hoodies as well as shirts and blouses and jeans and jackets with a very sporty character determine the image of the brands. For both labels, it is the striking appliqués and embroideries that create the recognition value of the brands. In the female wardrobe, the emphasis is more on a narrow and very figure-hugging cut, but Camp David's menswear is also aimed at men with a sporty figure who also like to wear figure-hugging clothing. In addition to hoodies and sweaters, shirts and jeans, Camp David underwear is also available at the Camp David Outlet.
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Camp David at salewunder.com at Camp David Outlet

At salewunder.com as an outlet you can get the Camp David assortment, but due to the Camp David Outlet character you can save a lot of money while shopping. Besides the large selection at the Camp David Outlet, shopping here has other advantages. The shopping tour at the Camp David Outlet can take place on any day and at any time independent of the opening hours. Whether in the evening after work or on weekends or holidays - the Camp David Outlet salewunder.com makes shopping possible at any time and you can do your shopping whenever you want. The low prices you get for your goods at Camp David Outlet will help you to be absolutely fashionable without spending a lot of money on clothes. The Outlet salewunder.com offers you a wide selection of the pieces of the label and at the same time makes your shopping cheap and comfortable. You can find Camp David's pieces in the Outlet at a much lower price than in a local store. In the meantime both lines are part of the offer and the typical and well-known sporty area of the label is represented in the Outlet as well as the classic business wardrobe, which Camp David now also relies on, is available in the Outlet at lower prices. This also includes all other offers from the label - such as underwear and accessories in the outlet.

History of Camp David and the Outlet

In addition to the colourful and very sporty clothing, Camp David might also want to attract customers who otherwise prefer the classic clothing style. It is assumed that Dieter Bohlen will also give his face to this clothing style for advertising the Camp David brand. Camp David and Soccx are two labels that both come from the same house. Behind the two labels, which are both very hip and also available in the outlet, is the Clinton company, which is of German origin and is based near Berlin, exactly Hoppegarten. The company was founded in 1993. The founders of the company are three brothers, namely jürgen as well as Hans-Peter and Thomas Finkbeiner, who come from Baden. Today, the Camp David label is one of the leading menswear labels and is complemented by the company's Soccx label, which focuses on providing women with fashionable clothing and is also represented in the outlet. Both labels are today among the leading companies in the German-speaking world when it comes to fashion. Camp David is offered in over 270 stores and 1,700 sales areas throughout Germany, including the Camp David Outlet. The Camp David brand has also established itself in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic States. The company is still run as a family business today. The founders of the company originate from the Black Forest in Baden and together they established the company. The foundation of the company was rather a coincidence. Jürgen Finkbeiner studied mathematics at the time and in his student status he worked in a jeans shop. He eventually took over this shop together with his brother Hans-Peter Finkbeiner. Together they developed the retail concept from the shop, which they called East&West. This business flourished from the strong run on "Westjeans" after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Shortly afterwards, the brothers founded their own label, which they immediately called "Camp David". The three brothers are still in close contact with their homeland and therefore trips to the Baden area are still a matter of course for the Finkbeiner brothers today, with huge success with their own brand. An interesting detail here is that all brothers were already big fans of Europa-Park Rust in their youngest childhood and also regularly visited this largest theme park in Germany. A logical conclusion from this sympathy was that the brothers also opened a store of Camp David in the park, which is also running very well. They made it a condition that the store in the park is really unique and that it also sells a very own and individual collection of the Camp David label. This has been successful and the offer is visibly well received by the guests of the park and has met with a very positive response. With Dieter Bohlen, the brothers have a brand ambassador who has been closely associated with the label by customers for many years. The Camp David label is also sold through the outlet.